FoodSafety Chain
We take care of your children's health, trace the production process from the source of food by using Blockchain and IOT technology.

Supervise the cultivation process


Safe and fresh vegetables


Reassuring Chinese herbal medicine


High quality fresh seafoods



· Outdoor weather station
· Temperature and humidity sensor in the shed
· Carbon dioxide light sensor
· Nutrient solution salt (EC) sensor
· Soil (pH, moisture) sensor
· Intelligent control roller blind
· Intelligent control roll film
· Intelligent control spray equipment
· Intelligent control ventilation
· Video surveillance equipment
· Control cabinet power distribution cabinet
· Intelligent control APP
· Information data processing system
· Gateway
· 4G network

Control equipment configuration
in the greenhouse

FoodSaftey Chain ensures high quality seafoods!

Use intelligent anti-counterfeiting labels to record the information of seafood salvage and aquaculture processes to ensure that the data in the process of commodity circulation is universally agreed and transparent to end consumers.






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What is AKTE?

Build a smart agriculture integrated technology solution provider.
Through the intelligent information transformation of planting bases and breeding bases, linking the data bridge between agricultural production end and end consumers, relying on intelligent hardware, wireless data transmission, cognitive computing, data intelligence, blockchain ledger, smart contract, intelligence A new generation of smart agriculture one-stop solution provider that combines IoT + blockchain + artificial intelligence technology with control and decision-making. To empower the local agricultural product brand and provide endorsement of technical trust. Apply anti-counterfeiting traceability technology to food safety, fundamentally solve the trust problem of product production, company management and channel sales, protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests from infringement, help business owners enhance brand trust, and ultimately realize the whole food business ecology. The trust of the circle is reshaped.

Why AKTE is the future?

Akte aims to build the world’s first multi-win-win decentralized food anti-counterfeiting ecological system. It uses intelligent hardware to collect the food production information, and the data is directly uploaded to the blockchain to ensure that the information cannot be tampered with, ensuring the authenticity of the data and achieving substantive anti-counterfeit traceability. IoT and Blockchain technologies are combined within Akte ecosystem to double confirm the entire life cycle of the data flow and thus rebuild trust for the whole food industry.

Internet of Things

Real-time data collection, monitoring, and early warning to prevent accidents;

Cognitive Computing

Data cleaning, regulating and computing that ensures the accuracy of information;

Machine Learning

Using neural networks, predictive model analysis of data sets;


Data directly uploaded on the distributed ledger that can be traced permanently.

Digital Assets

Data storage as a financial service.

Smart Label

Anti-counterfeiting technology ensures that the label cannot be copied.

FARM                                                     FAMILY  

Food production

Reward scheme

Fertilization clock;pesticides Records; Feed contract

Rural financial

ABS;insurance; credit;The rais

Food processing

Reward scheme

Industry a tip;share benefit ;slaughters‘ weighing

Safety inspection

drug residual;microbial;gene

Food circulation

Witness traceability

person; The supply chain

Food consumption

Distribution encourage

distribution encourage;prevent transregional;geographical position

Social commentary

The game;Gift;Well received bad review


Core Team

An international team with extensive R&D experience in the field of financial technology and the Internet of Things, and also a elite team that manages high-tech international business.

Dr. Milton Zhang

Ph. D. Chinese Academy of Sciences, long-term commitment to the application and researching of Internet of Things + Blockchain business model. Former machine learning expert of Huawei, IoT business solution architect of WSN, blockchain solution expert of ZhongAn Fintech, Co-founder and CEO of blockchain project “Gogochicken”.

Mr. Bill Gao

Bachelor of Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, years of experience in blockchain business model architect, corporate strategy, marketing and researching, former senior business manager of ZhongAn Fintech, senior pre-sales expert of Energy Blockchain Labs.

Ms. Sari Han

Yanbian University,Bachelor of Economics.
Waseda University, Master of Finance
International Christian University, Master of Social Science
The founder and CEO of Beijing Muteng Health Management Co., Ltd.
Strategic Consultant of TMAC Consulting Company in Japan
CSC Group, senior investment manager.
Zhongan Technology, senior business manager.
Good at overseas business negotiation.

Mr. Tony Zhang

MBA of Jiangnan University, senior expert in cloud computing and IoT technology,  senior researcher specializing in the Food Safety Risk Management Research Institute of Jiangnan University. The research results based on big data on food safety have been selected by the CTTI for the 2017 annual awards.

Mr. Jing Zhao

Bachelor of Zhejiang University, Master of Science in Syracuse University, Senior Expert of Blockchain Industry, Former ZhongAn Technology Blockchain Technology Expert, Jingtong Technology R&D Director, Multiple Personal Patents and International Papers.

Mr. Peter Huang

Master of Business Administration, SAIF & Shanghai Jiaotong University, CFA level 3 passed, former associate of a well-known PE fund in China.

Mr. David Sun

Master of Finance from University of Rochester, Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University & Hong Kong University, Vice President at Strategic Development Department of Haitong Securities CO., LTD. Former Quantitative analyst at Conning Asset Management,LLC., CFA level 3 passed.

Expert Consultant

Honorable experts in both scientific and food safety industry fields that guides the AKTE team to make great achievements.

Prof. Junhao Chu

National Laboratory for Infrared Physics, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics (SITP), Shanghai, China
School of Information Science and Technology, East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, China
Shanghai Center for Photovoltaics, Shanghai, China

 Prof. Linhai Wu

School of Business, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Research team of “China Food Safety Development Report”

Prof. Lirong Zheng

Media Electronics, School of Information and Communications Technology, Royal Swedish Institute of Technology
School of Information, Fudan University (FDU), Shanghai, China
VINNOVA iPack Excellence Center, Swedish National Innovation Center

Dr. Jie Shen

School of Materials Science, Fudan University (FDU), Shanghai, China
Deputy Dean
Wuxi Institute of Internet of Things Industry, Wuxi, China
Overall Group of the International Standards Working Group of the Internet of Things

Mr. Shihong Liu

Shanghai LiDuoDuo E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Dr. Le Lin

Founding Partner (CEO)
Energy Blockchain Labs, Beijing, China
Chief Secretary
Green Finance Committee, Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen, China

Mr. Yin Cao

Founding Partner (CSO)
Energy Blockchain Labs, Beijing, China
Chief Expert of Blockchain
Cinda Securities, Beijing, China
Digital Renaissance Capital, Tallinn, Estonia

Mr. Hua Zhang

Co-Founder (CMO)
Co-Founder (CEO)


AKTE works with leading academic institutions and regulatory agencies all over the world to formulate technical standards and co-governance ecosystem for food safety industry which benefits the whole human nature.

Dynamic development

 AKTE,In-depth strategic cooperation with WLIAN

Recently, the Food Safety Blockchain Laboratory signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Weilink Information Technology Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, the two parties will cooperate with each other’s advantages in the future to establish a partnership, and will jointly develop DAPP based on the chain-based public chain of food safety, and jointly promote the commercial application of blockchain applications.

Akte promises zero profit to build a drug “blockchain + Internet of Things” anti-counterfeiting traceability system

Food safety blockchain laboratory Akte is committed to building the world’s first decentralized anti-counterfeiting traceability of food and medicine. Through the information collection of intelligent terminals of the Internet of Things and the data link of the blockchain, the food and drug production process will be completed. The information is directly transmitted to the end consumers, and the information asymmetry between the production end and the consumer end is truly opened, so that the traceability is practical and practical, and substantial anti-counterfeiting is truly realized.

AKTE helps the high quality development of Dingxi Chinese herbal medicine industry

On July 19th, AKTE, the food safety blockchain laboratory of Dingxi City People’s Government of Gansu Province jointly launched a special lecture on “Quality Development of Chinese Medicine Industry” by “Blockchain + Internet of Things”.

AKTE and Fujian Dingtian Agricultural Science reached a deep strategic cooperation

On July 13, 2018, AKTE Labs founder Gao Wei and Ding Tian Agricultural Branch Chairman Zhao Bojian reached a consensus in Fuzhou, and the two sides will use their respective advantages to establish a partnership. The two sides will combine the AKTE blockchain technology to form the Internet of Things + blockchain agricultural system on the basis of Dingtian Agricultural Science and Technology IoT Agriculture, and jointly explore new areas of science and technology agriculture. The signing of the contract will strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two companies to help the two parties further improve overall operational efficiency and create greater commercial value.

Shanghai AKTE Technology Co., Ltd.
20c-1, 20th Floor, Baoding Building, No. 550, Xujiahui Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai